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Tolätxaw nìprrte’ – Welcome back + New page 01.04

Tolätxaw nìprrte’ – Welcome back + New page 01.04 published on No Comments on Tolätxaw nìprrte’ – Welcome back + New page 01.04

Well, guys, what should I say… LY is back :D Kind of, at least. I’ve been working on the newest page recently and was thinking about when and how future LY content should be published. First I’ve thought of a chapter-wise publishing schedule, like publish a whole/complete chapter after another, but that would take months, if not years, lol. And since I’ve head that page ready I’ve decided to go with the old ways again, page by page publishing.

So, yeah. I hope you’ll enjoy new content once it’s available, but don’t expect any high frequency or regular schedule whatsoever. LY is simply one of my many hobbies and I only have fun working on it when there’s no pressure going on.

Since the website has been offline for a while, I found out a couple of things got broken once I’ve got it back online again. One of the broken things is the core piece of this site; the webcomic plugin. Since there’s no update/fix or alternative available, I’ve decided to add new pages to the existing chapter-pages (see “Layon Yayo” at menu above) once they’re available and post here about any new stuff and also offer you guys to download existing completed chapters (see Info/Downloads).


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Page 1.01 is here!

Page 1.01 is here! published on 1 Comment on Page 1.01 is here!

Finally, page 1 of chapter 1 is finally done and online. Go, enjoy it! :3
Btw, I renamed all page titels so far, so don’t be confused that the newest page is called “1.01” – all “old” pages from the prologue are now “0.0x”.

Also, a big thank you to some friends of mine, who created an awesome 3d-RP-world of their own, which I was allowed to take screenshots of and use them in my comic. Credits on this website will follow!


Back! published on 3 Comments on Back!

I’m back! Layon Yayo is back. Good news, eh? :) Uploaded the (now quite old) cover illustration for chapter 1 as kind of a (re-)starting signal. The first actual page of chapter 1 is already in progress and will be finished soon. So, stay tuned!

Also, the website has been changed in look and feel, there are many texts in Na’vi here, more will follow!