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Tolätxaw nìprrte’ – Welcome back + New page 01.04

Tolätxaw nìprrte’ – Welcome back + New page 01.04 published on No Comments on Tolätxaw nìprrte’ – Welcome back + New page 01.04

Well, guys, what should I say… LY is back :D Kind of, at least. I’ve been working on the newest page recently and was thinking about when and how future LY content should be published. First I’ve thought of a chapter-wise publishing schedule, like publish a whole/complete chapter after another, but that would take months, if not years, lol. And since I’ve head that page ready I’ve decided to go with the old ways again, page by page publishing.

So, yeah. I hope you’ll enjoy new content once it’s available, but don’t expect any high frequency or regular schedule whatsoever. LY is simply one of my many hobbies and I only have fun working on it when there’s no pressure going on.

Since the website has been offline for a while, I found out a couple of things got broken once I’ve got it back online again. One of the broken things is the core piece of this site; the webcomic plugin. Since there’s no update/fix or alternative available, I’ve decided to add new pages to the existing chapter-pages (see “Layon Yayo” at menu above) once they’re available and post here about any new stuff and also offer you guys to download existing completed chapters (see Info/Downloads).


Make also sure to follow LY on facebook, so you won’t miss anything:


Back! published on 3 Comments on Back!

I’m back! Layon Yayo is back. Good news, eh? :) Uploaded the (now quite old) cover illustration for chapter 1 as kind of a (re-)starting signal. The first actual page of chapter 1 is already in progress and will be finished soon. So, stay tuned!

Also, the website has been changed in look and feel, there are many texts in Na’vi here, more will follow!

Page 1.07 & upcoming changes

Page 1.07 & upcoming changes published on 5 Comments on Page 1.07 & upcoming changes

read page 1.07Sorry it took so damn long for me to create and publish a new page. I also apologize for the bad quality in comparison to previous pages. Due to a huge lack of time I decided to create new pages “on the go” with my new Samsung tablet – and due to tablet use the quality is a bit worse and I messed up the shadows and lights on this page here, heh.

However, I asked the awesome community a while ago if it would be ok for them if I’d lower the quality and complexity of future pages in order to be able to publish new pages more frequently. Since they said that they’d be fine with that, I decided to do so and draw new pages whenever I can. Even though my new job is time consuming as hell, thanks to my new tablet I’m not longer limited to drawing new pages on my computer only. Luckily tablets are a neat invention and when I can handle the drawing apps I use perfectly there won’t be any more messed up shadows and stuff, hrh.

Tse, ma smuk… I really hope you can forgive me for keeping you waiting so long and that you enjoy the latest page of Layon Yayo. <3

Layon Yayo isn’t dead, but still on hold… + Donations

Layon Yayo isn’t dead, but still on hold… + Donations published on No Comments on Layon Yayo isn’t dead, but still on hold… + Donations

Kaltxì eylanya oeyä,

please don’t forget: although I’m trying to get new pages done asap, the comic is still on hold temporarily, for there are still a lot of things in my “real life” I need to pay attention to, such as commissions and traineeship/work in general and also my private life.

So please be patient, even if it might get hard :)


I’m trying to do my best, but it takes its time… Also I still need to work on the plot… plus I don’t want Layon Yayo to become a stressful project for me, for it was and is supposed to be something which brings me and others fun and joy without any hurry or stress or deadlines.


And… at the latest when I get my new graphic tablet, drawing new pages and artwork for Layon Yayo will take at least half of the time it did until now, so new pages will take less time from drawing to being published in the future (in approx. a month or so). ;) Which doesn’t mean that a new page will be added in a month or so, I bet it will be earlier than this, but I can’t and won’t promise anything in order to not disappoint you all.


On Donations… This is not a begging for money, it’s totally up to you if you want to support me financially or “just” via sharing this page with your friends, linking back to it, liking the Facebook-Site, and so on… :) Any kind of support is highly appreciated. :)

For more info about Donations, please read the paragraph on Donations inside the FAQ.

Essential Website Update and Changes

Essential Website Update and Changes published on No Comments on Essential Website Update and Changes

Kaltxì ma frapo,

today I changed some stuff on my website, in order to fix some problems and give you more user comfort:


Website Design

  • Updated the whole website-theme, so that the webcomic-plugin can be used to its fullest.
  • New look and feel of the website-theme in general

Webcomic Navigation

  • New navigation bars above and below each webcomic-page
  • Keyboard navigation available now (arrow keys)


  • Replaced the old Lightbox with a new one. You can drag around pop-up images now with your mouse
  • Fixed some minor errors and crudities within the comic pages and posts


Hope this will enhance your experience on this website and while reading LAYON YAYO. :)


By the way, as you can see, I didn’t stop working on my comic/website, although it has been put on ice temporarily. Every now and then, when I can “afford” it, I’m working on character concepts, new pages, the plot and this website. So, Layon Yayo is still alive, stay tuned for more stuff to come anytime soon. ;)