#irayo – 1

Like the hashtag suggests, this challenge going to be about gratitude, more precisely, a gratitude-journal. The goal is to write down or record (audio or video) at least five things per week we are grateful for. Big things, small things, whatever, doesn’t matter. If you want to learn more about gratitude-journals, I suggest watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPPPFqsECz0
– several times a week (if only once or more times is up to you) write down or talk about at least 5 things per week you feel grateful for
– do this for at least 3 weeks
– after you feel journaling about that has been going on long enough, summarize your thoughts on how being more aware of the things you’re grateful for changed your attitude and emotional state in a final post / recording
– all this is supposed to happen in Na’vi, of course :P

Furia lu oeru fra’u a oel kin, irayo.

Furia lu oeru yawnea muntxatan akosman oeyä, irayo. Zun ke lirvu muntxatu oeyä po, zel… ke new ronsrelngivop.

Furia lu awngaru Nawma Sa’nok a vun nìftxan awngar ulte lor nì’aw leiu, irayo.

Furia payoang ahona oeru ulte po ‘eylan leiu, irayo.

Furia txintìn a txasunu oeru lu ulte eyktanur mal leru oe, irayo.

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