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Page 1.07 & upcoming changes

Page 1.07 & upcoming changes published on 5 Comments on Page 1.07 & upcoming changes

read page 1.07Sorry it took so damn long for me to create and publish a new page. I also apologize for the bad quality in comparison to previous pages. Due to a huge lack of time I decided to create new pages “on the go” with my new Samsung tablet – and due to tablet use the quality is a bit worse and I messed up the shadows and lights on this page here, heh.

However, I asked the awesome community a while ago if it would be ok for them if I’d lower the quality and complexity of future pages in order to be able to publish new pages more frequently. Since they said that they’d be fine with that, I decided to do so and draw new pages whenever I can. Even though my new job is time consuming as hell, thanks to my new tablet I’m not longer limited to drawing new pages on my computer only. Luckily tablets are a neat invention and when I can handle the drawing apps I use perfectly there won’t be any more messed up shadows and stuff, hrh.

Tse, ma smuk… I really hope you can forgive me for keeping you waiting so long and that you enjoy the latest page of Layon Yayo. <3

Page 1.06 & Comic Crash

Page 1.06 & Comic Crash published on 2 Comments on Page 1.06 & Comic Crash

Hey folks! FRead the latest page - 1.06inally the newest page has been added, after the whole website has crashed due to an update which messed up simply everything.

After this update of the webcomic-software I’m using, the whole comic was messed up, the pages were deleted, the theme didn’t work anymore and I had to build everything again from scratch. The newest version of my comic and website is not quite what I had in mind and what I would be totally happy with, but until I find a better solution this has to be good enough. At least I didn’t and don’t want to take this page offline until I find that better solution, so I hope this is fine for you anyway, although the comic navigation is pretty poor. :/

Anyhow, I hope that you’re at least happy with the newest page. Sorry it took me so long, but you know, vacation, work and stuff blocked me from fixing this. Btw, happy new year to all of you ^A^

Page 1.05

Page 1.05 published on 2 Comments on Page 1.05

Unfortunately I’ve been and still am very busy with commissions and other stuff, so I had not had the needed time and mood to finish upcoming pages, but I will try not to neglect my comic too much (after all it’s “just” something I love to do and continue in my sparetime, although I wish I could spend more of my time with it). ;/
I hope that the page after this one will follow this year before the holidays, but I can’t promise that :/

Anyways, thanks so much to all of you who await the newest pages, I’m very happy that you enjoy my comic and can’t await the following pages. :3

Ah, and before I forget; the first character-picture (Mäungea) has been added to SUTE:CAST :)