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PAGE 1.03

PAGE 1.03 published on No Comments on PAGE 1.03

I’m a bit late with uploading a new page, I’m sorry for this, but there was just too much stuff to be done and there still waits more, so I hope I’ll be able to upload the next page on schedule… but we’ll see. ^^ Anyway, hope you like the newest page.

Remember, if you find any mistake nìNa’vi or where ever, please let me know :3



Page 1.02

Page 1.02 published on No Comments on Page 1.02

Page 1.03 has just been added. :)

The following pages are already done or in the making, so don’t worry, there’s definitely more stuff of the plot to come. ;)

I’d love to upload them all right now, but if I did that, I would mess up the time schedule for my comic and I’d ruin the excitement for the future, if you know what I mean. So you and I have to be patient :P

But until then, you’re welcome to read the newest page. :)


Page 1.00 + 1.01 & website launch

Page 1.00 + 1.01 & website launch published on No Comments on Page 1.00 + 1.01 & website launch

Sngolä’i – it has begun! 

Finally I’ve started my new project called “LAYON YAYO” – a webcomic about a young Na’vi woman and her fate. Yay! :D

The comic will be published in Na’vi and English. So to all readers who can’t speak/understand Na’vi: Don’t worry, I’ll upload the comic nìNa’vi and post a link to the English version of every page in the comment below. ;)

I hope I won’t fail regarding the plot. They say I’m kind of a good drawer, but I’m not good at creating stories and dialogues and such. Thus I hope that you’ll a) read my comic and b) gimme a lot of feedback, so the risk of failing might be decreased ;D Hehe.

Well, however, like I said, LAYON YAYO is considered to be a webcomic. Which means that new pages, which will continue the plot, will be added from time to time. I’m planning to publish a new page at least once a month, but I can’t promise anything, unfortunately :( But I can indeed promise to try my best, heh.

This webcomic doesn’t have its own domain name yet, but I’ll change that ASAP.

So, aynway, go ahead and read the first page, if you want to :D Tell  me what you think, tell other people about LAYON YAYO if you like the comic. I’ll be greatful for any kind of support. :)

Eywa ayngahu nìwotx ulte hayalovay. :3