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Thanks for letting us know how much detail and time this process takes. When the reading experience is that good (and the art is still the best that I’ve seen!!!) it’s so easy to forget how much efford goes into your work. I know how it is when you want to keep it as a hobby or a side project (PN started the same for me) and it catches on. As soon as you feel pressured into something you don’t want to become a burden, you lose interest.
Don’t let us rush you. Take your time. It takes how ever long it takes ;) I’ll always be happy to see another page has been published and how the story unfolds. But I won’t pressure you into anyhting ;)
I’m sure you’ll keep up this amazing work!

Nìprrte’ :) I didn’t wanna rant or something, I know that there are artists out there who put much more effort into their projects, be it comics or whatever else, also that there are artists out there who work a lot faster than me. But well, since LY isn’t my top priority in life (it simply couldn’t be, because family always comes first for me, as a starter), it just takes its time ^^ I just wanted to clarify things, because transparency can only be helpful.

I feel happy because you can relate to that and also that smth you enjoy or even love doing can become a burden, and that the creators also have to work against that, doing smth against that to prevent it from building up more, at least. Speaking of which, I hope you haven’t lost interest in PN completely :) Not only for your audience (which I am a part of), but also for yourself, because I’m pretty sure you enjoyed doing that, at least in the beginning. But if you did, that would not be a problem for me at all, because personal happiness is always more important than other’s. Well, it should be, at times, at least. o.-

I will keep up LY, it’s a project I really love and enjoy doing, even though I’m horrible at story telling, haha. I even got a comic artist practice booklet thingy for my birthday, which I use to practice and improve my comic skillz. x) But that I also do for my personal happiness. “Gesunder Egoismus” should never be neglected, because one can only give so much to other ppl as his/her body and mind allow (healthy egoism = sane mind on the long run).
And on a side note, I already started sketches for the next page, since I’m still on vacation, hrh xD

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