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Comic “On Hold” For Now

Comic “On Hold” For Now published on 4 Comments on Comic “On Hold” For Now

Kaltxì ma oeyä eylan,

I got more or less bad news for you. As you may have noticed already, it’s been awhile since the last page has been added. Well, that’s for a reason; I barely got time for anything, especially drawing things – random stuff, commissions and comic pages as well. I’m very sorry, but I have to put this comic on ice for some time, which means that I really don’t know when the next page will be added. Could be soon, could be far in the future, like some months or something.

I still want to do this comic, update it, add stuff – both pages and artwork – but now there are some things which need my whole attention, so sorry for this, but I hope you’ll be reading the comic again, when stuff will be added again. I’ll notice you about anything here, of course.

Eywa ayngahu.


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