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If you want to link LAYON YAYO, please click on the banner below in order to get to the original/linkable image(URL) or just save it and upload it on your own webspace.

500 x 64

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Eana Unil – oeyä pìlok nìNa’vi – my blog in Na’vi with links to many other blogs nìNa’vi. – my main website with all of my artwork.
More of my links can be found at the homepage inside of the “Contact”-widget.


Other Na’vi-themed Webcomics

Uniltìranyu by DrowElfMorwen: Uniltìranyu – A Pandora Story


Other Webcomics which I enjoy(ed) reading very much

Off-White: EN
(16+) Lieben$wert / Loveable: DE | EN
(18+ Yaoi) Starfighter: EN