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F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

What does Layon Yayo mean and how is it pronounced?

Layon Yayo means “black bird” and is pronounced [la.ˈjon ˈ] (~la-yon ya-yo, the a is pronounced like in “are”, not like in “cat”).
Actually one would have to say “layona yayo” instead of just “layon yayo”, but I wanted to use this as a proper name, similar to “Toruk Makto” (“Torukä maktoyu” would be ling. correct).

Are there pages missing (yet)?

Yes, for Layon Yayo is a webcomic to which pages will be added as we go along. So the story/plot is not finished yet and you can read a new page every two weeks or so.

How often/frequently will you add new comic pages?

As often as possible. The plan was to update the comic every two weeks, but due to the antics of life, I can’t promise to achieve that every time. So yeah, new pages will be added when they will be added ;) I’m trying to keep up and create new stuff/pages asap, but well, I only got 2 arms and I’m so short on time T_T Ngaytxoa.

Why is the main language Na’vi? Why not only English/German?

Well, a comic about Na’vi people on Pandora, whose mothertongue is Na’vi, kind of dictates to write the comic nìNa’vi and add english and german translation for those, who can’t speak/understand the Na’vi language. Just FYI, I mainly write the comic in Na’vi because I want to keep practicing my knowledge about this language and keep learning new stuff – in addition, I’m happy when my comic helps anyone learn/improve their own Na’vi knowledge or encourages them to start learning this beautiful language. :) Plus… believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t speak a word English, but Na’vi (almost) fluently. ^^

Will the comic be available in any other languages?

Tbh that’s not planned. But if you’d like to translate the comic into a language you know well, you’re welcome to ask me for permission to do so resp. you’re very welcome to drop me a line and help me with translated dialogues of already published pages ;)

Will we see Neytiri, Jake or other Na’vi from the 1st AVATAR movie inside LAYON YAYO?

No, never, under no circumstances. LAYON YAYO takes place in a different time than the first AVATAR movie and in a different area on Pandora. Plus… I don’t want to mess too much with the AVATAR/Na’vi copyright, this is supposed to be just fanart, a comic about my own fictional Na’vi original-characters, who are not/won’t be related in any form with past or future Na’vi characters by James Cameron.

I want to contribute something to your comic. What can I do?

You’re welcome to donate to me, in order to support me directly (donation button can be found on the right). If you don’t want to donate money, you’re always very welcome to spread the word: tell other people about Layon Yayo, share it on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere you like or simply link back to it on your own website. You can also report any mistake you may find to me, which is also a big help to me, for I’m still learning the language (means “I’m not [yet] a master concerning Na’vi, so I still make a shitload of mistakes”) :3

What are you using donated money for?

Every donated cent or dollar will be used only for artistic purposes. This means buying new / better art equipment, such as pens, pencils, paper, refill nibs for my graphic tablet pen/stylus, modelling clay, modelling tools and so on – and for maintaining this website/my webspace this website is hosted on (monthly hosting costs). I won’t misuse donated money for any other purposes, this I promise to you – matter/point of honor. :)

The PayPal Donation page obviously speaks German, but I don’t. How can I donate to you anyway?

You can donate directly to me via PayPal using my recipient PayPal e-mail address

Will your comic come as a real/printed comic book some day?

I don’t know, but that’s something I’m dreaming of/hoping for °_° … If you’d accidentally like to help me to achieve this goal, please drop me a line via E-Mail :D

I want to learn the Na’vi language. Where do I start?

Have a look at Lahea senge:Links – there I’ve linked some pages which can help you learn :)

What does “PPS” stand for?

Pxìm pawnawma (ay)sìpawm = frequently asked questions. ^_^