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On Page Publishing Frequency

On Page Publishing Frequency published on 2 Comments on On Page Publishing Frequency

I wish I could always publish new pages as fast as the last 2 ones… even though I scaled down the amount of detail already (black lines instead of colored ones, premade backgrounds I can paste into the panels instead of drawing new backgrounds for every panel etc. – but that also was and still is the progress of finding a style I’d like for my comic), the details are still time consuming as hell.

Let me explain:
I draw a first rough sketch of the overall page to figure out panel position, characters and their depiction, position and the dialogues.
On top of that I make a more detailed sketch, refining hands, faces, clothes, hair. Making changes to overall look if necessary and repeat refining.
Then I draw the outlines of everything and type out the text in a proper font, deciding on positioning and typography.
On another layer underneath the lines I fill in all basic color areas for each panel separately.
On top of that I paint in all the stripes of their skin, one by one to get the perspective and their body dimension/physicality right.
Then come the tanhì, same procedure as with the stripes.
When everything looks good so far, I add the backgrounds for each panel, adjusting size, perspective, dimension, lighting.
On top of the flat colors, stripes and tanhì comes the first layer of shadow, deciding on final light sources, giving shadows to every detail to make look everything as 3d as possible for me (with saving some time, adding details and more depth could become a never ending process otherwise).
Then another layer with more shadow, giving more depth to the shadow areas.
Then another layer with final shadows, more shadow detail on faces and stuff.
Then light reflections from the primary light source.
Then background light reflections on the oppsite side of bodies and things.
And after all that I add highlights on the eyes, add the speech bubbles one by one, fading them out and fix again minor stuff that doesn’t fit in quite right yet.
When I’m happy with the result comes translating to english and german, exporting and I’m done.

That process for each page takes me about 12 hours of work, maybe less, maybe more, I guess, without taking breaks or anything (while it takes you only 30 sec or so to read the newest page). And I only can spend so much time, motivation, energy and focus on that in such a short time span like between the last 2 pages when I’m on vacation.
During work time/normal weeks, I can only work for an hour or so per evening after work, since I already spent most of my energy, focus and physical energy at work for my customers (yes, tattooing for 3-7 hours straight a day can be extremely exhausting). And there is also daily stuff like house keeping, friends, family and other hobbies that I need in order not to break down mentally that demand some of my time and energy. That’s why creating pages takes me so long when I’m not on vacation.

I wanted to create Layon Yayo as a pure fun project which I wanted to do and publish for my own fun and distraction, at my own pace. But I also know that there are luckily faithful readers waiting for the story to continue, and I feel extremely blessed and happy because of that, so thank you for waiting so patiently for every new page <3 But I also want you to know that I will not let LY become something stressfull, rushed or even something hated for/by me. Because should I ever start to hate creating new pages because I feel rushed or compelled to create new content, I won’t put as much love into every detail or even stop LY completely. And I don’t ever want that to happen, and I hope neither do you. So I’ll go on at my own pace, because art is a very demanding, but also extremely rewarding thing, not only for the artist. Art just takes its time and I hope that my readers will continue to be able to stick that out nonetheless. ;)

Pls just keep in mind that I make LY as a hobby – I’m not a full-time comic artist, I’m a full-time tattoo artist :)

Tìsung: I created a poll a while back, asking if I should scale down amount of detail/color in order to publish pages more frequently, the majority wanted full colored pages, and those take more time to create. If I was to publish a new page a week or so, the pages would have to be black lines, very extremely low detail and very basic shadows and effects, everything black and grey, similar to simple Manga.
And: No offense at all, I just want to explain. ^^


Thanks for letting us know how much detail and time this process takes. When the reading experience is that good (and the art is still the best that I’ve seen!!!) it’s so easy to forget how much efford goes into your work. I know how it is when you want to keep it as a hobby or a side project (PN started the same for me) and it catches on. As soon as you feel pressured into something you don’t want to become a burden, you lose interest.
Don’t let us rush you. Take your time. It takes how ever long it takes ;) I’ll always be happy to see another page has been published and how the story unfolds. But I won’t pressure you into anyhting ;)
I’m sure you’ll keep up this amazing work!

Nìprrte’ :) I didn’t wanna rant or something, I know that there are artists out there who put much more effort into their projects, be it comics or whatever else, also that there are artists out there who work a lot faster than me. But well, since LY isn’t my top priority in life (it simply couldn’t be, because family always comes first for me, as a starter), it just takes its time ^^ I just wanted to clarify things, because transparency can only be helpful.

I feel happy because you can relate to that and also that smth you enjoy or even love doing can become a burden, and that the creators also have to work against that, doing smth against that to prevent it from building up more, at least. Speaking of which, I hope you haven’t lost interest in PN completely :) Not only for your audience (which I am a part of), but also for yourself, because I’m pretty sure you enjoyed doing that, at least in the beginning. But if you did, that would not be a problem for me at all, because personal happiness is always more important than other’s. Well, it should be, at times, at least. o.-

I will keep up LY, it’s a project I really love and enjoy doing, even though I’m horrible at story telling, haha. I even got a comic artist practice booklet thingy for my birthday, which I use to practice and improve my comic skillz. x) But that I also do for my personal happiness. “Gesunder Egoismus” should never be neglected, because one can only give so much to other ppl as his/her body and mind allow (healthy egoism = sane mind on the long run).
And on a side note, I already started sketches for the next page, since I’m still on vacation, hrh xD

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