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(English) Tolätxaw nìprrte‘ – Welcome back + New page 01.04

(English) Tolätxaw nìprrte‘ – Welcome back + New page 01.04 published on Keine Kommentare zu (English) Tolätxaw nìprrte‘ – Welcome back + New page 01.04

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.


Back! published on 3 Kommentare zu Back!

I’m back! Layon Yayo is back. Good news, eh? :) Uploaded the (now quite old) cover illustration for chapter 1 as kind of a (re-)starting signal. The first actual page of chapter 1 is already in progress and will be finished soon. So, stay tuned!

Also, the website has been changed in look and feel, there are many texts in Na’vi here, more will follow!

New Domain!

New Domain! published on 4 Kommentare zu New Domain!

Finally, this comic has received its very own domain – :) Yay! Ftxozä sivi ko! :P

Now you’re welcome to update your permalinks, favourites/bookmarks, spread the word, whatever, hrh :3


Also the look of the website has been edited, now it looks more like Pandora :) Hope you like it.


You may as well change the Feed-URL again, from to – but you don’t have to, for both links will be working from now on.

New RSS Feed

New RSS Feed published on Keine Kommentare zu New RSS Feed

I’ve changed the URL of my RSS Feed; please make sure you’re subscribing to the new one!

The link towards it can be found directly on the website.


Little additional info… I had to change again the Lightbox, for the other one caused problems. Though the new one disabled the arrow key navigation for the comic pages. Hope this doesn’t cause to much inconvenience.

Essential Website Update and Changes

Essential Website Update and Changes published on Keine Kommentare zu Essential Website Update and Changes

Kaltxì ma frapo,

today I changed some stuff on my website, in order to fix some problems and give you more user comfort:


Website Design

  • Updated the whole website-theme, so that the webcomic-plugin can be used to its fullest.
  • New look and feel of the website-theme in general

Webcomic Navigation

  • New navigation bars above and below each webcomic-page
  • Keyboard navigation available now (arrow keys)


  • Replaced the old Lightbox with a new one. You can drag around pop-up images now with your mouse
  • Fixed some minor errors and crudities within the comic pages and posts


Hope this will enhance your experience on this website and while reading LAYON YAYO. :)


By the way, as you can see, I didn’t stop working on my comic/website, although it has been put on ice temporarily. Every now and then, when I can „afford“ it, I’m working on character concepts, new pages, the plot and this website. So, Layon Yayo is still alive, stay tuned for more stuff to come anytime soon. ;)