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Eana Unil

Hi and welcome to LAYON YAYO, my dear friends and visitors!

I’m called Eana Unil or Kris and I’m an (tattoo) artist. I’m living in Germany and learning the language of the Na’vi people, which is a lot of fun. Na’vi and Pandora are so beloved to me that I decided to create this comic named LAYON YAYO [la.ˈjon ˈ].

LAYON YAYO is a story about a young mother named Mäungea te Tsi’keyrra Päla’ite (“Mäungea of the Tsi’keyrra family, daughter of Päla”), who has to cope with the hardest and most dangerous misery of her life. But I don’t want to bewray this here… If you want to know what this misery is, please read the comic ;P However I want to talk a bit about the name LAYON YAYO here.

Actually one would have to say “layona yayo” instead of just “layon yayo” (btw, layona yayo/yayo alayon means black bird), but I wanted to use this as a proper name, similar to “Toruk Makto” (“Torukä maktoyu” would be ling. correct, but yeah). So a good friend of mine named Plumps suggested to me that I should name my comic this way. :)

I’m writing the story in Na’vi, English and German so everybody should be able to read and understand the comic. Well… I hope that you like it. :)


May the great mother Eywa be with you all, my dearest friends and visitors and let Na’vi blossom further more!

Yours, Eana Unil alias Kris alias SickDelusion


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My handle on Discord is sickdelusion#3020