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Lahea ayrel apuseng nìNa’vi ‘olongeiokx!

Lahea ayrel apuseng nìNa’vi ‘olongeiokx! published on No Comments on Lahea ayrel apuseng nìNa’vi ‘olongeiokx!

Ke oeta, slä nawria reltseotuta alu DrowElfMorwen! Kivä ulte nivìn ayrelit apuseng peyä fìtseng :) Nìsung oel vìsyeill tsat fìtsengmì, ken’aw fìpostìmì. Slivan frareltseotut a weyn ayrelit leNa’vi! :D


Hapxì a1.01ve lu hasey!

Hapxì a1.01ve lu hasey! published on 1 Comment on Hapxì a1.01ve lu hasey!

Finally, page 1 of chapter 1 is finally done and online. Go, enjoy it! :3
Btw, I renamed all page titels so far, so don’t be confused that the newest page is called “1.01” – all “old” pages from the prologue are now “0.0x”.

Also, a big thank you to some friends of mine, who created an awesome 3d-RP-world of their own, which I was allowed to take screenshots of and use them in my comic. Credits on this website will follow!

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